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Hello lovely people, please be aware that we need a notice of 72hrs to 2 weeks. Everything is made fresh to order, any available products that we have stored will be available through checkout on the square store at a discounted price. These items will only be available for 3 days for best freshness, coupons will not be available for these products since they are already at a discounted price. The square link is the same checkout process that we use through the website, these items will only be available through the link and not the website.

If you are uncomfortable with payment through the website that is perfectly okay. Just send us a message, text or call to place your order and we can take payment with cash or through square in person. We aren't always able to make it to the phone but you will get a response within 24 hours. For orders $50 or more there is a non-refundable 25% deposit.

Sign up for our birthday club and email subscriptions to get coupons for various desserts. Thank you from everyone at Kake's Goods.

animal cupcakes 2_edited
animal cupcakes_edited
assorted cupcakes 3
babyshower cupcakes
beatles cake
comp cake 4
competiton cake 2
competition cake 7
competiton cake 8
Fish cake 2
flower cake 4
flower cake 2
gamer cake 2
gamer cake 3
spiderman cake
Bridal Shower
Bridal Shower
Bridal Shower
Salted and Vanilla
Cousin IT
Cousin IT


Currently our 3 fur babies had an accident over the weekend of june 7th, 2021. Due to this incident our menu selection is reduced so that way we can put full concentration and effort into raising money for the long list of vet bills. There will be a bake sale starting, if interested we will have copies of the bake sale and ordering forms to hand out and also a downloadable link under the bake sale tab. Any help is very much appreciated and keep a lookout for updates on facebook.
-Thank you, Kaile Wellner


Cupcake of the Month

To Be Decided

Currently we will not be continuing our discounted cupcake of the month until further notice. Sorry for the inconvinence.

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