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Bake Sale

June 7th 2021 our 3 cats Simba, Zoey and Ahsoka got into a very lethal plants that caused immediate organ failure. Immediately ASPCA toxic hotline was called and within an hour they were rushed to the emergency hospital in Appleton, WI. Multiple lab draws, fluids, 3 nights in the hospital and lots of love that the amazing staff gave the kitties, we were finally able to bring them home. Unfortunately there is around $4,500 of medical bills and future ones to come. To help with costs I am starting a bake sale to help raise money to pay off the various bills.

Sometimes the simplest way to help is just by spreading the word, if you are interested there will be copies of a simplified bake sale menu and ordering sheet available in paper or a downloadable link. Please help spread the word and visit our website at for more desserts. For any questions or concerns please contact me at or (920)366-6155.
- Thank you,
       Kaile and Kim Wellner
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